Proposal Development Services

Leads and coordinates the proposal development process, ensuring that all aspects of the proposal, including strategy, content, compliance, and production, are delivered on time and to a high standard. 

 Supports the proposal development process by managing proposal-related documentation, scheduling meetings, tracking deliverables, and ensuring compliance with proposal requirements.

Develops compelling proposal content that addresses the RFP's requirements by working closely with subject matter experts and the proposal team to articulate the solution, benefits, and differentiators of the proposal

Provides a last set of eyes on the proposal before submission to ensure compliance with all RFP requirements.

Provides all the services as described in the Proposal Management, Proposal Coordination, Proposal Writing, and Proposal Quality Check service offerings.

Create tailored templates to improve proposal quality, compliance, and consistency across proposals following your organization’s existing style guide.

Grant Application Services

Identifies and researches funding opportunities that align with the client's goals and develops a strategy for pursuing those grants.

Ensures compliance with the grant requirements, manages budgets, prepares reports, and monitors progress throughout the grant lifecycle to maximize the chances of securing funding and achieving project success.

Develops a persuasive grant proposal that effectively communicates the project's objectives, methods, and impact, and meets the specific requirements of the grant application.